Imprint Media Media Centre

Welcome to the Media Centre. Here, you will find all current media releases and photographs for our clients as well as an archive of information.

Generally, you will come to this site from a link in an email with a media announcement. Of course, you are welcome to browse here at any time.

We have packaged all the material so that each press release is displayed with an outline of its content, plus icons for the Word document and images to download and, on the left, thumbnails of all the photos available with that press release. The main photo is displayed on the right, above the information. To see a larger version of any other photo, simply click on the thumbnail to the left and it will display large. Some thumbnail images may present as grainy or out of focus. This is simply a reflection of the way the site handles heavily re-sized images and does not reflect on the quality of the original.

To download any image or Word file, simply click once on the icon that appears below the main image and then click on Save File. It’s that simple.

The menu at left offers four options, as well as quick access to current media releases:

HOME: This page is your start point and a quick tutorial on navigating the Media Centre.

SEARCH CLIENTS: This page lists all our clients. Click in the box that you want to search. You can view all the current or archived material for that client or, if you want something specific, search by key words. By selecting “All Listings”, you will view or search every press release on the site.

VIEW ALL: This page lists every media package on the site.

CLIENT LOGOS: To quickly access the current media releases for a client just click the appropriate logo on the left. Archived material can be accessed using the SEARCH facility. See the note about Search Clients above.

IMPRINT MEDIA: Visit the main Imprint Media web site.

Media Release packages and release dates

Each media release has a release date at the end of its title. The release date uses the International format (yyyymmdd). We have done this so you can search this site by date as well as by key word.

Thank you for your interest in Imprint Media and our clients. We welcome your feedback. This is your part of our Web site and we want to make it as helpful an experience as possible.